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Welcome to Hampstead Village NW3

Hampstead’s High Street is a unique London shopping village enjoyed by its international residents and visitors alike. Shopping in Hampstead is a pleasure, with plenty of independent boutiques, premier fashion outlets, cafes, restaurants, pubs and purveyors of fresh and artisan foods.

Hampstead Village NW3 is one of London’s highest points and is famous for its intellectual, liberal, artistic, musical and literary associations and for the large and hilly Hampstead Heath, Londons largest ancient parkland.

  • Shopping in Hampstead
    Shopping in Hampstead is a unique pleasure, with Hampstead High Street boasting a wide range of well known and independent traders.
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  • Where to Eat and Drink in Hampstead
    Hampstead is full of great places to eat and drink on the high street and along the alleyways that wind there way between the shops.
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  • Entertainment and Leisure in Hampstead
    Hampstead is famous for its historic and leafy streets and its heath, but there is also an array of activities and entertainment to enjoy.
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  • Where to Stay in Hampstead
    Sitting on Central London’s doorstep you can enjoy the romance and tranquility of Hampstead’s historic village and leafy setting.
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